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YARAN-DNEPR company was established in 1996 in Dnipropetrovask, Ukraine. The company is the wholeselling company focused ш n nuts&dry fruits area in Ukrainian market.

Medievial merchants brought all kind of goods from China to Slav countries via famous Silk Route, in the same way Yaran-Dnepr imports high quality products from China, India, Iran, Turkey and other countries. All imported goods are produced accordingly to ISO 9901:2000 quality assurance system.

Since 2003 Yaran-Dnepr lounched “Shovkovyy Shliakh” (Silk Route)Trade mark in Ukrainian market.

Oour customers are not only leading Ukrainian food products producers Kviten TM, Mushketer TM, Shchodnia TM, Fanni TM, Zlagoda TM, Kozats'ka rovaga TM, Lasunka TM, but also leading national and regional chain supermarket stores.

Yaran-Dnepr company is interested to develop cooperation with nuts&dry fruits exporters from abroad and confectionery&snacks producers, chain supermarket stores throughout Ukraine.

YARAN-DNEPR Ltd. with foreign investments

103, Kirova avenue,
Dnipropetrovsk 49054, Ukraine
+38 0562 930804 +38 0562 362967