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 Hezelnut. Oil presnce in this nut prevents quantity of cholesterol in blood to be increased and reduce a risk of cardivascular deseases. It acts as profilactic medicine to prevent cancer. Increases maternal milk quantity and enrich it energatically. It improve male potention as well.
Almond. It reduces quantity of cholesterol in blood and reduce a risk of cardivascular deseases. Makes hair and skin more healthy and enforce nerve system. It acts as profilactic medecine to prevent cancer and hypertonia.
Ceshew. Ceshew is called as King of the nuts for it's fine oily taste. It had been used as vitamin admixture. It promotes exchange protein and fatty accids, reduces quantity of cholesterol in blood, enforces immunity. Ceshew is highly recomended as anti-toxic remedy in the case of poisoning.
Dried apricots
Dried apricots. Its useful properties well known from old age. There are a lot of potassium, mineral substances, vitamins, impact digestion positively. It contains sugar, organic acids - salicylic, apple, citric, provitamin A (carotin), vitamins C and B. It's Is rich for salts of potassium and iron.
Coconut. Coconut is natural source of vitamin Е.
Peanut. Peanut is full of potassium and phosphorous, vitamin Р2 и РР. In Chineese medecine it's considered as highly effective remedy.
Banana chips, Dried banana. For a long time people called banana as paradise fruit. It contains a lot of potassium. It's useful for people suffering for cardivascular shortage. Bananas clean the organism from slags, reduce inflammation of mucous membrane at the stomach.
Banana chips, Dried banana
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