Get involved online! So, not only do mentor-mentee events benefit the mentees, they also benefit the company and/or organization the mentors are representing. Below are three steps that we recommend following if you have the drive to make the important change within your organization to start a women's initiative. Offer Lunch and Learn presentations. The images, ideas, and pins are transforming retreats, getaways, and events with the most beautiful and mod creations. After today, there will be no excuse. Structured networking events like speed networking also increase the quantity and quality of connections. PWA is our flagship initiative for women. Let our software group your participants around specific interests, industries, experience, geographical location, and more. And when employees get a chance to mentor, they are encouraged and empowered to take more leadership roles. As you start working on the activities that will make a difference, … The Women in the Workplace 2017 research study by McKinsey & Company and once again highlights what we already know: Women remain underrepresented at every level in corporate America, despite earning more college degrees than men for 30 years and counting. They must be capable of measurement. Those firms who have gotten firm leader buy-in and gotten past the barrier of implied-bias-denial, must go on to "develop a variety of programming options, including speakers and training." It’s a meeting format that is widely recognized as a way to bring people together to solve problems, share ideas, and discuss industry trends. Most organizations realize … Because their only assets are people. These range in scope from panel discussions which can be open to clients and business contacts, to retreats, or even “spa days” for key women clients. Trinity Church in New Jersey was looking to create a new community initiative that would take “church” outside the church walls. We’re disrupting how people meet and network. Men must become partners in creating the template for future success. Learn more about the Women’s Initiative here. When it comes to considering different women’s networking event ideas, ask yourself: what is it that you’re trying to help your attendees achieve? And more loyalty often means more dedication towards making a difference in an organization. Since its inception in 2010, the conference has become the largest one day event for professional and entrepreneurial women in the Midwest. The most prominent women in business, government, academia, and the arts will gather to converse, learn, and share ideas. Other programming components of a Women’s Initiative include events and seminars devoted to business development and related networking opportunities. This way, each meeting is more targeted and strategic rather than random. Pinterest is the single biggest influencer of women’s events I’ve ever seen. Rutgers University – Women in Tech Host an inspiring Speed Networking, Mastermind, Lunch ‘n Learn event, Workshop or Seminar which has your participants GLOWING. When attendees register or sign up for your event, have them include extra information about themselves to be displayed on their name tag or lanyard. Structured networking events often make networking feel more meaningful and productive instead of just a time for socializing. Offering peer-to-peer networking events is one of the best ways to help your attendees make meaningful connections within their industry. These programs provide important tools to help women lawyers focus both internally and externally on building important career-development skills. Led by a steering committee of senior counsel and associates advised by partners, it fosters the career development of women lawyers in a number of ways. We focus on women’s self-development and pursuit of happiness, by offering information on career development, entrepreneurship, managing work and family, successful women, women’s health, social issues and personal finances. Take inspiration for women-focused gatherings like beauty launches, galas, and more with these decor looks, pampering stations, branding ideas, and rental products. The best part? Track And Share Your Impact. It's not at all surprising that most women's initiatives at most AmLaw200 law firms have been dismal failures. Extra Info Name Tag. Everyone has heard of (or maybe even participated in) roundtable discussions. Well, increased levels of productivity translates to increased company profitability. Our robust programs and resources recruit, advance, and retain women attorneys and strengthen the firm’s culture. Hashtag Donation; Use this idea to show that all donations matter, regardless of size. Not to be confused with bar brawl, the bar crawl is a tried and testing … As Rikleen explains here, for women's initiatives to succeed, they must be focused on institutional changes, not simply band-aids.